If you’re on a financial (and emotional) roller coaster, I get it.

Lots of debt, lots of shame, not much savings

I once took an online quiz that told me I had all the markers of being “addicted to debt.” My greatest fear was that my neighbors and friends would find out the “truth” about my finances.

I found peace.
I can help you find peace.

I paid off tons of debt. I built savings. Most importantly, I got rid of the shame. But it wasn’t getting out of debt or growing my bank balances that freed me from the shame. That’s why we need to talk.

Variable income?
You’re my kind person.

I work with people whose income goes up and down. They say things like “I chose the entrepreneurial life, so I don’t get a steady paycheck.” Guess what? Variable income isn’t an obstacle–it’s one of the keys to financial progress.

What happens when you work with me.

Your income goes up. Your spending goes up. Your savings go up. Your debt goes down. You master a system for sustained long-term financial success. You feel great.

Should we talk?

I work with people two ways: I teach free classes and I work with clients 1:1. My 1:1 coaching experiences start at $6,000, and people often pay much more. If you think we might be a fit, I need you to read some stories and watch a few videos that will help you get to know me better. Then we can set up a time to talk.