Feel better about your finances.

Variable income? Self-employed? My approach to money will give you peace of mind and real financial progress…without a restrictive budget.

"I loved the weekly classes and the homework--the exercises were so helpful. Hearing others be coached was also so valuable--especially for my husband who isn’t too sure about life coaching. Your style and approach are refreshing and empowering!"
"Mark’s thoughtful, non-judgmental approach to money really allowed us to think and discuss freely. He introduced new concepts and it was more about how we think as opposed to exactly what we do with our dollars and cents. This was new for me."
"It was all incredibly eye-opening. Freeing. Looking at money through an entirely different lens was really powerful and gave me a sense of hope and freedom I haven't felt."

Hi, I’m Mark Butler

Since 2014 I’ve been the CFO (aka the money guy) for six-, seven-, and eight-figure coaches and online businesses. I’ve helped all of them with their business money and many of them with their personal money.

Here’s what I’ve learned: people earning millions per year struggle with the same self-destructive money thoughts and habits as the rest of us. I’ve got the stories to prove it.

I created Money School to share the ideas and principles that have helped my clients create peace and progress in spite of highly variable income (and highly variable bank balances).


Ready for me to mess with your mind a little?

My clients and readers tell me I have strange ideas about money. Let me send you a few stories that will make you say, “Yeah, I’ve never thought about it that way before.”